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Hirata Corporation of America

Standard Products
Cartesian Robots
Cleanroom Equipment
Assembly Cell System (ACS)



Linear Axes and Cartesian Robots
In addition to SCARA robots, Hirata provides a building block system of different linear axes, which can be combined to various axes combinations. There are different models with different features like speed, payload, stroke, and mounting position.

The robots can be used for tool and workpiece handling and have the following features:

  • Solid and rigid structure for reliable and long lasting operation
  • Maintenance free AC servo drives
  • Measuring system with absolute encoder
  • High precision
  • Many possibilities of configuration for simple and quick planning and integration
  • Complete assembled unit including flexible cable duct, motor, encoder, and application wires and pipes
    • pneumatic: 2 x 6 mm and 4 x 4 mm
    • electric: 15 cores with 0.2 mm squared each
  • Standard strokes: 300, 500, 700, 1000, 1200 and 1500 mm
  • Speed classes N series: 600 mm/s, H series: 1.200 mm/s and U series: 2.000 mm/s



One Axis Models
MB linear axis for horizontal mounting position Hirata Machine Based one axis
MB-V linear axis for vertical mounting position


Two Axes Models
CR X-Y system fixing Y axis frame to X axis slider Hirata Machine Based two axis
CRT X-Y system with mobile Y axis at X axis slider
MV, MZC, MZF X-Z system with vertical stroke > 300, 500, 700 mm
MZQ X-Z system with vertical stroke 200 or 350 mm


Three Axes Models
CRZC, CRZF X-Y-Z system with vertical stroke > 300, 500, 700 mm Hirata Machine Based three axis
CRZQ X-Y-Z system with vertical stroke 200 or 350 mm
MWQ X-Z-W system with wrist axis and vertical stroke 200 or 350 mm


Four Axes Models
CRWQ X-Y-Z-W system with vertical stroke 200 or 350 mm Hirata Machine Based four axis


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