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Hirata Global Network


Hirata's customer base spreads out to over 40 countries in the world. We are one of the rare suppliers that has multiple operations in each major industrial zone in the world, with 12 subsidiaries in North America, Europe, South East Asia, and China. That is why our response to requests is always quick. Hirata's field engineers are well-informed about the rules and regulations of different countries, and will therefore take these into account when coming up with a solution suitable for you.


Global Presence

1.  Hirata Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
2.  Hirata Automated Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd (Fengxian, Shanghai, China)
     Hirata Mechanical Equipment Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Min Hang, Shanghai,
3.  Hirata FA Engineering (S) Pte. Ltd. (JurongTown, Singapore)
4.  Hirata Engineering Europe GmbH (Mainz, Germany)
5.  Hirata Corporation of America (Detroit, USA)
6.  Hirata Corporation of America (Indianapolis, USA)
7.  Hirata Corporation of America (Chandler, USA)
8.  Hirata Engineering S.A.De C.V (Saltillo, Mexico)
9.  Taiwan Hirata Corporation (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
10. Hirata Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Indianapolis Office: 1 (317) 856 8600 - Detroit Office: 1 (248) 624 5300